UGI - Chapter oneMature

Chapter One (Part One)

“Do you believe in aliens?” Tom asked. Andrea looked up, startled to realise a question was being aimed her way.
“Uhh ... ” she began, trying to scramble thoughts together when mere seconds ago she'd been lost in her daydreams. The nice ones where she finally finished college and managed to find the 'one' as people sometimes called them.
“Zone out much Andy?” Harriet commented with a grin. Andrea shrugged and didn't attempt any kind of defence. The summer heat was surprisingly warm and there were all sat on the grass enjoying it. Though a glance at the watch told Andrea she had only ten minutes before she'd have to deal with algebra. It wasn't that she hated the subject, it was more her teacher expected her to excel further than she already had. Why couldn't teachers and parents just accept top of the class and leave it at that? Now they wanted her to enter some national competition as well?
“So, do you?” Tom asked. Andrea blinked and realised she'd drifted off into another internal rant.

“Do I what?” she asked, leaning her head back so the sun warmed her closed eyelids.
“Believe in aliens? I mean you're the science wiz here,” he repeated, adding the last bit with a snigger.
“I do maths, not science,” Andrea replied.
“You're still getting A's in it. Wish I could pull off one of those,” Harriet said, shaking her head, sending her perfect curls flying as she did.
“You're only a few marks off an A, don't worry,” Andrea pointed out, Harriet shook her head again and sighed as the bell rang.
“Back to class,” Harriet announced with about as much enthusiasm as a girl with no sleep for three days could manage. Which with all her gaming, was likely the case. As they split to go to their class blocks Andrea felt a hand grab her wrist.
“I want an answer,” Tom asked. Andrea knew his persistence was a little odd. She also recognised the way he was acting. She'd watched Tom act this way before he and his ex got together.

“No I don't,” she knew she'd answered sharply as she abruptly pulled her wrist free from his grip. She saw the momentary confusion then Tom flashed an easygoing grin and waved her goodbye.
I'm such a bitch. Andrea pushed her brown fringe back as she walked to class. She knew Tom was being sweet, and she was in no position to complain. He was the first guy to ever show some kind of interest in her. Well, the first who wasn't creepy or downright dumb.
But last week at a party she'd pretended to be drunk when he was to kiss him. She knew there and then that there was no chemistry worth exploring.
Andrea sighed and reached to open the main doors to the block, then the fire alarm started to blare. She sighed at the inconvenience, yet another drill, and headed to the fields. She squirrelled her way through the massing crowd and ending up colliding with someone's back. She glanced up and saw broad shoulders in a leather biker jacket. She half-expected a scary man to swear at here. Instead a mildly surprised girl turned around. She had crisp, short dirty-blond tangles and a smattering of freckles across her nose. It was so at odds with her bulky, muscular build that Andrea could've cracked various jokes. But she didn't want to find out just how strong this well-built girl was and murmured an apology and tried to find Harriet and Tom.

She heard the microphone be tapped and a women clear her throat down the speakers. A glance told her it was the head of the history department. A scary women to attempt debating with when it came to historic facts.
“Students, pay attention. We have an announcement. It's something being told nationwide to all secondary schools, colleges and universities. So please stay quiet and pay close attention,” she announced, her voice mostly calm, but a stutter towards the end told Andrea it was serious. She watched as behind the teacher men connected a radio to speakers. She imagined other schools where they were in huge assemble halls. Everyone staring at a simple radio in confusion.

“Here,” Tom whispered, taking Andrea by surprise. She let him lead her to where Harriet was attempting to see what was happening on her tip toes.
“What do you thinks going on?” Andrea asked, her eyes never leaving the radio as she craned her neck over the rest of the student body.

The End

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