Dolly the Sheep was a cloned animal. What would he mean by saying that I'm more of a success then she?

I shot the colonel a confused look.

"You still not getting it, girl?" he said, almost laughing.

"Obviously not. Mind telling me what you mean in plain terms? You know, in a way I can understand?"

Now he did laugh. "Not in such vague terms, eh?"

"If you'd please..."

"I'll just say it then in small words that a a teenager could understand:" He was mocking me now, "You-are-a-clone, dude."

"Ha ha, dude," I shot back. "Not funny. And you must be crazy to think that I'd buy that."

My mother stepped forward. "Honey, he's not lying."

I just stared at her. "So you're in on this practical joke too, mom? Whatever this is, it's not funny." But her face was stony, regretful, but not joking, that was for sure. It was scaring me.

"No. It's no joke. You are not," tears were welling up now and she fought visibly to say this next thing: "not my biological child. You are a clone, Angel."

What the--? She just denied me being her child. What was going on?

"Dad? What is-- why did mom say that?" I pleaded with him.

"Angie, darling, it's true. You've got to understand. You've got to believe us." He was wringing his hands, a gesture that was opposite his normal police-like demeanor.

"Why? If I'm not yours, then whose am I? Who am I a clone of? And why was I cloned to begin with?" The woman I'd thought my was my mother was crying, and everyone was looking at their feet.

"Please. Just tell me what's going on." It felt like the millionth time today that I had been asking this.

Antonio stood up and looked at me. He was the only one that seemed man enough to tell me anything. "You were cloned as part of a government project. It was created to replicate the best and most skilled persons ever known to the agency. The DNA donor was one of these agents: Raen. You've been brought back to the place of your birth much earlier than we had planned, but desperate times call for desperate measures..."

He paused and let this sink in. He was being honest with me-- the only person who was, apparently. And you know what the strange thing was?

I believed him.

The End

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