As I emerge from the elevator, everything is dark for a moment. Deadly silent. My breathing the only echoing sound.

Florescent lights soon change the darkness and, blinded,  I see before me, a metallic hallway. I see no doors, or outlets of any kind along the walls. Only plainly harsh, gray surfaces. I turn to see the colonel and Neilson's reaction to all this, but they are nowhere to be seen. The elevator I just exited is gone as well, and in it's place, I see a darkened version of passage I saw first. Just as metallic, just as yawning and seemingly never-ending. Only on the dark end of the spectrum.

What do I do now?

I stand in the center, where the darkness meets the light. I feel along the walls with my hands, but find not a difference in the texture, nor even a gap that I would expect between panels.

Great. What have I gotten myself into? This is what I get for going with someone I don't really know, and for trusting people because of a military look.

I'm stuck here, now.

I start crying, silently, the tears the only sign of it.

I've been deserted here, and I know I'll die here, unless I can find a way out.

I consider both directions. Anyone with sense would go to the left, the well-lighted way. You can see where you're going, and nothing can sneak up on you.

To the right is the dark hallway. Anything -anyone- could be there. But, a way out could be hidden in the equally blinding shadows, if only one could find it.

Again, I look at the light, but finally, I choose the right.

Wiping the tears away, and steeling myself, I stumble from the light into the pitch-black passage.

The End

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