Colonel Roche

"Follow me, Miss Bennett," A drill-sergeant-looking man orders. He's got army green fatigues on, but by the bands on his chest, his high rank is obvious. I follow him, Mr. Neilson behind me.

We landed here outside a nondescript looking airport with military jets and vehicles stationed around several extremely large Quonset huts. I guessed it to be some sort of base, however small it seemed.

"I am Colonel Roche, and you, Miss Bennett, have been brought here for your own safety," he walked ahead of us, leading us into the main building and between two jets, "I assume that Neilson has informed you of this?"

"Yes, sir, I did. But only that," Neilson replied with military discipline.

"Good. You only need to know that until we get underground."

"Underground?" I said. We pass men and women in fatigues unloading crates from a vehicle. At the sight of me, they stop and stare. Sure, occasionally I'd get attention for my natural, long, white-blond hair, but this was different. It wasn't about my hair, I figured. It wasn't because of my civilian appearance here, either. Whatever it was, it unsettled me.

"Yes, underground. As in below the surface. Fifty-seven levels below, to be exact."

"And then, do I presume that you'll tell me what in the world is going on? Or shall there be more secrecy... sir," I added. I was still confused, but I wanted to know why I was here. And I wasn't feeling very happy about being left out of the circle.

"God," the colonel muttered, "Just like her. Same spit-fire qualities, I see."

Spit-fire indeed. Still becoming more and more confused by the second.

More people eyed me as I passed. They whispered and pointed. Definitely was not about my hair.

"Excuse me, sir," I said, entering an elevator behind the two men, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that everyone knows something concerning me that I don't."

He chuckled. "You catch on fast, little dear."

Seeing as I won't be able to pry answers from him right now, I huff out a breath and wait. We descend rapidly to the fifty-seventh level. Colonel Roche faces what I guess to be a retinal scanner facing the door. After an affirmative beep for both Neilson and him, and a "Welcome back, Colonel Roche and Agent Neilson." from a bodiless, female computer voice. I am urged to step forward and do the same. A beep for me and: "Welcome back, Agent Raen."

Agent Raen? What is this? That's my middle name, and I've never been an agent of anything, anywhere!

And yet, when I didn't think that I could be more confused, I am.

The End

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