Project Raen

Angela Raen Bennett is an average girl. Or so she thought. When strange things start to happen to her, and hints of government cloning projects emerge, she finds out that her life is by no means a random happening, but a planned event. More is meant for her than merely ordinary. She will be called to be a part of what she was created for. Angela only wonders if she's up to the challenge.

I thought that my life was normal, and it was for a time. I grew up thus far in a great family, and it seemed that the only thing that made me different from other kids my age was the fact that I was home-schooled. I had went to public school for the first two years of my education, but for some reason, I'm not sure what, my parents pulled me, and I've been taught by my mom ever since. She used to work in a hospital as a nurse when I was really young, but after the schooling incident, she decided to stay home and teach me and my sister Brooke. Dad works at the Pentagon as a guard, I think. He never really talks much about work, though, so we really don't know a lot as to what he does there. But, secretly, I think he's the guard for something important, and I'm not just talking about when Mr. Pres comes to make a speech. He's a part of a branch of the Secret Service here in D.C., he says, but I think he's guarding something like off National Treasure. Or, at least I thought so when I was younger. I've always been one to have an imaginative mind. Almost to the point of it running away with me sometimes. I've used that to my advantage though, in my writing. It is my passion, and the only thing that makes me happy sometimes. My writing prowess has helped me in school, as most of the work is reading a section and then writing answers to essay questions in the review at the end of each lesson.

Two years ago, after my up Freshman year, my parents signed up my sister and I for the Summer School program held at the local high school. You take two classes, for two weeks each, earn one half credit for high school for them, and get $100 bucks besides! I was SUPER nervous and scared about being around so many of my peers, but after I overcame that, I did pretty well. I wanted Creative Writing and Young Adult Novels (which I took the next summer.), but when not enough people signed up, I was stuck with Parenting for the first session, and Ceramics for the second.

In Parenting, I got to take home a fake baby, and learned FAR more about anatomy and birth control than I would have wanted.

In Ceramics, I made a fish, a bowl, and after most of it exploded in the kiln, a paper weight. But I also met Marc.

I swear, from the moment I saw him, I KNEW we would be great together. We hit it off immediately, after he broke the ice with:

"Huzzah! You've found the Holy Grail!"

(I'd been shaping a rather Indiana Jones looking cup, that actually did look like the Grail.)

We laughed and talked about nothing, and with a another friend made a Harry Potter chess set that ultimately got thrown away. (Yes, we were very much Nerds of a Feather.)

It was a little over a year later when Marc asked me out, and we've been going out since then. I am SO glad that mom pushed me to go, else I'd never have met Marc.

It would have been perfect if he was only what I thought he was.

The End

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