Chapter I-2: Butterfly Effect

“Simon?” A voice louder than the outlandish characters on the TV broke into the room. The boy turned.  He removed the toothbrush from his mouth and, wielding it in his hand, faced a woman in a gown standing in the hallway opposite from where he stood. “What are you doing up so early?” she asked. She glanced into the room and then spoke more firmly, “And what are you doing watching TV in the dark? You know it’s bad for you!” She placed her hand on the wall and with a click, the room was alive with bright, warm light.

“I was just getting ready for school,” Simon said through the toothpaste, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the new light.

His mother seemed shocked to hear her son’s response. “I thought you weren’t going back to school until tomorrow?”

Simon guessed this conversation would happen, since he hadn’t told his parents his decision. He had, however, hoped he could leave without drawing their attention. He wiped toothpaste from his mouth with his sleeve and gave his already-defensive reply, “I feel fine! I feel just fine, so why should I stay home longer than I need to?”

“I just don't want you to push yourself too far,” she responded quietly.”I thought we agreed you would stay and rest until tomorrow.”

“I’ve already been home a whole week! And you said it yourself. One month into the school year and I've already been out for over a quarter of it,” Simon would not give in. “It’s my senior year. I can't give up now.”

The woman stepped towards her son, who had already grown so tall that she had to look up to meet his eyes, and whisked a few strands of his black hair from his face. He had grown so much recently, and was confident in his decision, giving her no choice but to agree. “Fine. If you feel up to it, then okay. But just take it easy.”

A smile slowly grew on Simon’s face, “I mean, it's only a day earlier than we agreed. I’ll be fine, mom.”

“Are you sure?” She persisted. “You can take a half day. Your father or I will come pick you up--”

“Mommm!” Simon was getting annoyed. “I’ll be okay. I can take a whole day.” And take a whole day he would, for Simon was not the kind of person to let his condition stop him.

He rushed back to the bathroom, poured his morning pills into his hand and swallowed them down with a glass of water. He then set off for school at a brisk pace, eager to collect the work he was unable to obtain from his various teachers while he was away from the Swapton Institute of Magical Studies. The morning passed quickly for him. His teachers were glad and slightly concerned to see him back, but were pleased by his enthusiasm at the very least. At lunch he sat alone reading a textbook for an assignment in attempt to get a head start on all of his make-up work. After a stressful P.E period, in which the current unit was transfiguration dodgespell--Simon was great at the dodging part, but the transfiguration spells; not so much on the fly--he cleaned himself up and went off to the last class of his day.

The End

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