A looming wolf the size of a horse, bloody fangs bared and hackles raised, with a small silver necklace clasped around its neck, staring down an unknown menace. The wolf leaps with a snarl---

A smoke-grey horse galloping across the beach, almost flying across the sands, gently banking smoothly until it was racing across the surface of the ocean, fog clinging to its hooves, speeding faster, wilder, freer than the very wind itself---

“In this world…”

A ship on the water on a warm fall evening. Pleasant conversation and music floating across the water---

A dark lab on emergency lighting, tubes bubbling and monitors quietly beeping from far off. Twisting hallways, glass tubing siphoning glowing materials, monitors upon monitors---

A person with six wings, walking barefoot across a battlefield, enveloped in white light, holding an olive branch like a banner, walking through gunfire and billowing fires---

“’s not a matter of who you are and what you can do.”

A city burning in the night with fires of green and blue and orange and red--A dragon curling out of smoke, roaring and rising skyward--ash raining down---

A wet gravestone with lilies obscuring the name---

A motionless body in a grungy alley. The body has long ears and large butterfly wings, mutilated horribly. A figure knelt over the body--”FREEZE!”---

A teenager falling backwards over the edge of a skyscraper; another sprinting across the roof, diving after them---

“It’s a matter of being in the right place, at the right time.”

A sign made with a stencil and airbrush by someone in a hurry reading “Project paraDISE”---

A vision of blurry figures and muffled voices yelling, fading to darkness…

“But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?”

The End

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