In the place called SuitZ, a device was created based on playing cards. These are glass enhancer cards and they are called as Kardz. On the 53rd year since SuitZ have created the Kardz, the council all feel like it was a year like none other. It was a year where they will see what the KardZ are capable of. It will be the year of the Joker.

There are 52 cards in a card deck; 13 cards per suit of 4.

In a world where magic and science are as common as air, they used the skills they were born as an extension of their body. However, in the place called SuitZ, four districts gathered their best scientists and Magis, or magic users, and created a device that enhances a person's ability. The device created was based on playing cards but instead of plastic or paper material, they used glass. And these glass enhancer cards are called as Kardz.

But the Kardz were delicate devices. It cannot be handled by just anyone due to the enhancement it can provide. Only those of ages 14 to 17 can use such enhancing items. This is due to a person ages 13 and below will not be able to handle the enhancing power of the Kardz and those of 18 and above will not be affected by its boost of power.

Though the Kardz' boost of power was based on what card it is. From the lowest which is the number 2 to the highest which is the Ace; each card will boost the ability of the holder according to the number indicated on the card.

With only one set of Kardz created, the leaders of each district decided to have a district-wide mid-year battle for all and the reward will be one Kardz.

This is called as FastPlay.

By the end of the year, all of the Kardz holder will need to form a team and they will compete in a tournament held by all four districts and only one team will emerge as victors.

This grandeur, much anticipated, festival battle is called CasinoRoyale.

As for the rules, the leaders left it to the Battle Handlers –the battle officials- and Kardz holders.

The reward? Eternal fame and glory and a secured place in the seat of district council.

Now, the on SuitZ 53rd year since they have created the Kardz, they all know that it would be a year like no other.

The year of the Joker.


In Carreaux High, the rules of getting a Kardz is different compared to other schools.

For the other districts, the way to obtain a Kardz is by defeating the holder in the watchful eye of the Battle Handlers or a school administration staff. But in Carreaux, the way is just defeating the holder until they surrender. They can have an official oversee their battle but the outcome is up to the students.

And currently, Carreaux High holds of the whole suit of diamonds, compared to other schools that has the suit scattered all over.

With extreme rules, other high school thinks that their ways are rather chaotic despite being a prestigious school. But the students of Carreaux didn't think of it that way. They all think of the rules they have as an opportunity to show their skills and obtain a Kardz. And the holders of each diamond Kardz, from Two to Ace, they are those who oversee the order in the whole school.

And they are also the ones who causes the disruption of school's peace.



The students all looked at the loud noise that came from the courtyard.

"Enough! Winner, Ten of Diamonds!" A man dressed in white uniform shouted. His greyish white hair swayed along the breeze and caused the female audience to fawn over him.

A smirk, the winner placed the violin under her chin and started to play Beethoven's Sonata No. 9, 'Kreutzer'. The male students all fawned over her and shouted their love confession which she only ignored and continued to play her piece.

"Queen of Diamonds, relinquish your Kardz." The judge of the duel said. He looked at the wall that buried the owner of the Queen of Diamonds.

At the said wall, the owner of the Queen of Diamonds didn't move. The long tresses covered the Kardz holder's face while reddish liquid dripped to the ground. Blood.

"Queen of Diamonds!" The man demanded.

Bricks fell from the sides of the buried student and her body moved a bit. The Queen of Diamonds holder didn't face the crowd or at the opponent. A hand crept down until it touched the cold glass card that was dangling on the Kardz holder's belt. A weak tug and the chain that's holding Kardz broke and the holder of the Kardz weakly threw it to the ground.

The winner of the bout stopped playing her concerto and opened her eyes. Crimson colored irises added beauty and regality to her. She looked at the defeated Queen of Diamonds who didn't move from the wall, didn't even face her. She approached the Kardz that was thrown to the ground and crouched down in a lady-like manner to pick the glass card up.

"Why..." the former holder of the Queen of Diamonds whispered. It was not a question, but more of pained words.

"I'm sorry. I love you but I'm sorry..." said the violinist, not looking at the person embedded on the wall.

The End

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