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So this is a story I always had in mind. So, I am only gonna post this temporarily for proof reading :D If I get a considering number of praises, then I will try my very best to continue with this.
I won't be posting the summary first. Once again, this is for proof reading only at the moment.

Project 1: How it all happened part 1

"Ingrid!" Yes. . . That is what I was known to the people of Berlin. Simply, Ingrid. 

"Ah! Monica!" I gasped as I saw my best friend, Monica, running towards me. I slowly spread my arms as she got closer and closer to me. 

Monica hugged me like there was no tomorrow. How I loved her dearly. She must be the best of the best friends anyone can have. She finally released me from her tight hug and grabbed my shoulder. "So, where would you like to go today?" she asked.

"Madrid please." I replied jokingly.  "Or! In Iceland, now that's a good pick." 

Monica raised an eyebrow. "Don't be daft. Seriously speaking."

We giggled together, how nice it was to laugh with your best friend. I never wanted it to end but it has, so I stopped and cleared my throat "I would like to go to somewhere far from Berlin. I want to go back to Austria, to--"

"I know! Back to that person you love! What was his name again? Yo-Jo. . . AH! Yohan!" Monica chimed in, but I didn't care, I am used to her as much as she's used to me. She chuckled and finally spoke again "I know! Let's go to Farmer McCreedey's Farm! I jolly have to get something from him and it's bloody important." she said in her thick British Accent.

I chuckled, Now I am unused to her speaking in British dialect. She sounds so different, I even wondered if this person is still Monica. "Have you been practicing your british accent lately?" I asked, but before Monica could answer. . . There was a call. 

"Mylady!" a familiar voice called me. It sounds like my attendant, Clements. And it turns out I wasn't wrong, she is running towards me, possibly to take me back home. I guess I worried my Mama again for not asking permission to go to Berlin. 

 I frowned as Clements went closer and closer to me and Monica. "What do you want Clements?" I asked, in an evident angry tone.

"Your. . ." she was obviously tired, she was in the verge of hyperventilating. Poor her, she was stupid either, she could've ride our carriage all the way here. Who even told her to run? "I bring a message, from master Yohan."

I gasped. Y-yohan? Seriously. . 

Monica and I, along with Clements, went into a restaurant to dine. While the two ate, I sat in a comfy chair with Yohan's letter at hand. I don't know why I am hesitating to read it. I fear what's inside this letter. 

Clements stopped slicing her bread and stared at me. "Mylady, please open it. It might get contaminated due to being sealed for a long time." she said.

I smirked. "Don't make me laugh Clements. Not funny." I teased.

"I was simply stating my opinion Mylady."

"Was that an Opinion? You even said it wrong, how can it be contaminated when it's sealed?"

"Errr. . ."

I laughed at Clement's tomato red face. She looks adorable when she's embarrassed, no wonder many men already courted her. Lucky girl. "Ok. Monica, do you think I should read this?" I asked Monica, as I looked to my right and saw her very delighted of her meal.

"Of course! You should! It's from Yohan anyway, what can possibly go wrong?" she replied, stuffing her bread with chicken and radishes. 

But this we never anticipated. . . There was a huge explosion in a town near the restaurant we were staying in. We gasped, I can see Monica's eyes filled with horror. 

"NO!! SIR YOHAN!" Clements shrieked. My eyes widened in horror. I slapped Clements to snap her out. 

"Tell me. Where is Yohan?" I asked her. I can feel my tears forming somewhere at the corners of my eyes.

Clements cried out loud. "He told me to give you the letter. He is waiting by the fountain at that town. He t-told me t-to l-lead  y-you there after y-you read the letter." she stuttered. 

I let go of Clements and went to the next town to look for Yohan.

"Yohan! Yohan!" I called for him desperately, I thought that he was still in Austria. . . Why didn't he told me he was visiting?

Once I set foot on ruined town, I was shocked, to see the once beautiful town, now in ashes and ruins. I passed by corpses, burned corpses of innocent people who has nothing to do with what just happened. I searched for every corpse I can find, and finally. . . I found Yohan. Dead and burned. At first I didn't recognize him. But my heart is certain that this helpless, poor body is his.

I cried seeing him like this. Who would do such a thing? I heard footsteps coming near me, I looked at my back and saw Clements and Monica heading towards me. Monica looked at me with eyes of sympathy, so did Clements. As they went closer to me, Clements and Monica gasped. "MYLADY GET OUT OF THE WAY!!" "INGRID!!" They both pushed me away, and unknown to me that there was a grenade thrown at me.

I gave out an ear piercing shriek as the smoke cleared out, I saw Clements and Monica bloodied. "CLEMENTS!! MONICA!!" I cried, running to their helpless bodies. Tears were running down my face. Who or What would do such a thing?

I held Monica and Clements by the hand. They feel so cold. I swore out loud and let go of their hands. I wiped my tears and curled my hands into a tight fist. "WHO ARE YOU? HOW DARE YOU DO THIS! IF I FIND YOU, I SWEAR IN THE NAME OF THIS COUNTRY THAT I WILL KILL YOU!" I shouted and cried again. 

Hours later and officers from the war office, papa's men, came to my rescue. I watched as they took away the bodies of my best friend, Monica and my tender attendant, Clements. Tears formulated again as I saw them took my beloved Yohan away. Two officers were attending to me asking if I was hurt or injured. . . But, I refused to answer and asked them to take me home. 

This is only a bit of my story. Before it all happened. This is where everything begins.

The End

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