(Chapter One: 2006)Mature

*Riley's P.O.V.*

My footsteps lightly stepped on the cool tile floor, my thin pale arms to my side and my short blue hair freely whipped with the open window wind. Climbing onto the ledge of that window, I looked down below to the ground which was 15 stories down. I wonder what would happen if I jumped, would I die?

"Stop! Don't jump girl!" A little boy's voice cried out, I turned to meet his similar features, his black eyes and pale skin. Lips perfect and lush, high cheek bones and remarkably my old hair color, brown.

"Who are you?" My voice low and simple like a child but for some odd reason I grew fast in my head then my outer body. To some, I look like some innocent little girl but I was more intelligent then that. I was tired of it.

"My name is Benjamin, but you can call me Ben for short." His said, his smile inched higher to reach his eyes.

"I'm Riley." I whispered, then jumped.

"No!" He screamed and he flung his body with me. Was he stupid?

The wind wrapped around me, blurring my vision. I felt free but for how long? Maybe until I hit the ground and die, or maybe until I realize I tried this over a hundred times and I just will live every time. But that boy will not, then why wasn't I trying to save him?

Our bodies crashed into the cement ground, but I felt no pain. Not a word peeped from his curved mouth. I silently sighed, he must be dead. I stood up but only to see no blood from either of us.

"Your alive." He stated. Duh, I was. But how was he not?

"Who ARE you?" I managed out, my breath caught in my throat.

"My name is Ben, I am like you. In fact, according to the files I read, your my twin sister..." He trailed off.

This can't be happening, did I really have a brother? I always thought so, but father said it wasn't logical, that I was the only born and mother died after birth.

"Impossible! I was born an only child!" I denied, my body trembling.

"I knew you'd say that because those bastards got you to believe your human, that your father is Dr. Serrash but I'm telling you it's not. Your name is Riley Anne Moon. I have your files." The boy explained, pulling papers out of his backpack.

This can't be happening.

I breathed in and took them. It was true. I was living the perfect life that was not mine. This boy standing before me, was in fact my twin brother Benjamin and the government in fact lied to me to use me as a weapon in war when I got older.

Well, if they think I'm still going to do it, they have another thing coming.

"We have to get out of here." I Directed, taking his hand but stopped when I saw them. The men in white coats and my fake father.

"Darling, do not believe him. He wants to-" He started to defend himself but my voice cut him off.

"Save it Doctor. I know everything and you can't do anything to stop us from leaving and telling the world of your evil ways." I countered, my eyes narrowing.

"I don't think so child, don't make this harder on yourself and come willingly, fight for humanity freely." Dr.Serrash baited, his hair satin white from age with a little ashen color, eyes piercing copper.


"Have it your way then my dear," His frown creased as he spoke those words. Slowly, it stepped out of the shadows. A tall black creature with claws like long sharp blades, it's skin not only ebony but lemon color as well. No eyes but it's hunched over body still wrung fear into my body. It's head slightly edged to the right, to my brother.

"Attack," The doctor barked the order and suddenly before I can scream to stop them, it's inhuman blade for an arm ripped into Ben, he let out a shriek before his knees beckoned and fell to the sidewalk. The thing stabbed him once again in the shoulder and I knew I couldn't just stand there and watch him die. I had to be smart.

"Stop! I'll do it." I challenged, my eyes misting up with tears.

"What's that?" His voice filled with mockery.

"I'll do what you want, please just stop!" I croaked, my body in shut own mode. Beyond tired and knowing I couldn't win this battle.

"Too late Mija" His voice cooed the nickname he gave me, which meant in Spanish, daughter.  Rose and emerald blood flowed from Ben's body as it fell lifelessly to the ground. Dead. This can't be, I finally found what I been missing all my life then he's gone right before my eyes.

"No.." I wavered in pain. Before I could utter another word, my vision turned black. It was bliss which I shouldn't feel after I was the cause of my poor brother's death, he will be avenged.

*A few days later*

I awoke to bright lights, I sat up sweating. I was wearing a white robe, my lime, aqua hair fell in front of my face as Dr.Serrash stepped before me. A clip board in his hand as he wrote silently. My throat sore, like if it were burning to breathe but at he same time I could barely feel the pain. I only felt the guilt of what I saw and could not save. That in the end, I may have the mind of an adult but really I was still a kid.

In the corner of my eye, I turned to see Ben laying in that open bed, the blood cleaned off but eyes shut . Never again to see his jet black eyes ever again, only a shell with no soul, only a spirit that I helped kill and that was what I was born to do.

The End

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