Project: HeroinMature

Riley was born as a twin but when she finds out how her mother dies and why, she soon wants revenge. Can she stop the undead before they demolish Salem, Washington?

(Prologue: 1999)

The black tar flowed through the tubes easily, the woman with ruffed pink hair lay still in the hospital bed. A few men in uniform crowded around her, analyzing her. The process seemed to go well, until her eyes shot open, glowing red. The chains kept her down but she didn't give up. As she pulled hard to get away, the metal sliced over and over into her wrist. "Please stop!" She cried out, "I'm pregnant!
The doctors went on, like she didn't  say a word. Her screaming didn't calm down until the baby girl and boy was born into this government filled world. Then she expired. The babies cries echoed through the room now. Quickly, the children were separated from each other and was never meant to see one another ever again. But fate had it's own way to figure it self out...

The End

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