Six Minutes

Our passwords are our lifelines. Without them, we cannot do so much as take a breath, or keep our own body's heartbeats going. We use them for transport, nutrition, interaction and deduction, as well as for everything else.
In a society where everything balances on something so fragile, what could possibly go wrong?
We are going to school in the city this summer. Mum and Dad are excited about it. Diri is as nervous as a pig on slaughter day.
Personally, I'm not too worried. What could possibl

Paradosa City Database.

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Date Accessed: 27-05-2123

GIRL: *Whispers* Hello? Hello?


GIRL: *Louder* What is this thing?


GIRL: Answer me! I know you can hear me.


GIRL: Ouch. Ow....


GIRL: *screaming in pain* Ah!! Please!

*Screaming continues for six minutes*

(End of Audio.)

Timecode: 00:07:21

The End

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