CHAPTER: 7 (PRT 6)Mature

    Adrian cracked the weapon out of my hand with extreme force, he moved too fast. Frighteningly fast. Did I miss something?

    My body was still moving, Adrian didn’t seem to realize I tricked him. A knife is an obvious weapon, a handheld rubber flashlight-not so much. I felt it press against Adrian as he defended against the distraction. The light had disappeared in the room since the only source was pressed against a bear of a man. I activated the Taser.

    Flashes of blue sputtered every which way as Adrian convulsed, dropping to the floor.

    I had less the seconds.

    Nightmares were where I’d usually experience running frantically from something but staying in place. I felt like I had been staring at the door for an age. I was moving toward it now, the flashlight, and Adrian behind me. My heart was beating way slower than my mind was racing.

    A Taser incapacitates someone while there are getting electrocuted. The pain ends almost immediately once it’s over. The only thing on my side is that Adrian may be too surprised to get to me before I open the door. As soon as I call for help it’s over and he knows it. He’d have nowhere to hide the both of us.

    I dare not waste time looking behind me. My hand gripped the doorknob, turning.

    The door opened a crack, I felt a yell escape my th-

    A hand pulled me into darkness.

The End

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