CHAPTER: 7 (PRT 5)Mature


    Something hit me in the side with an extremely sharp pinch. Wincing, I heard the sounds of sheets being thrown back and the thud of boots hitting the tiled floor. In a second a massive hand reach under the bed and ripped me out across the floor. In the brief moments where the light was thrown around the room, I pieced together a familiar ski mask and build of the man standing over me. It was the same person from prom night with the rifle, Adrian.

    “Stings, don’t it?”

    I gripped the floor to center myself and whipped out a kick at his legs. Adrian let the strike bounce off him. He aimed something down at me and pulled the trigger.

    I gasped again as a second needle pierced my chest.

    “I’d aim at your neck to show you how it felt for me but,” Adrian shrugged, “I could miss when it’s that scrawny, could hit something… vital.”

    I sprung to my feet, or tried to. It felt like my mind was fine, but my body began to lag behind my commands. I clambered up, taking advantage of Adrian’s reassured demeanor. I guess he didn’t expect much from me now. In a flash, the punch dagger was in my hand.

    I quickly diagnosed my system. The poison seemed to slow the time it takes for my body to receive instruction. I can still execute them at my normal speed.

    I quickly overloaded my mind with several commands. I felt my body remain in stasis, frozen under so many thoughts. Then it moved all at once. Baring my teeth, I stepped forward and threw out a right-hook with the dagger. 

The End

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