CHAPTER: 6 (PRT 9)Mature


    Karissa Ray was gone, the foyer splitting off in four directions; a stairwell to his right and left, an elevator ahead of him with a hallway curving behind it leading to a sky-bridge connecting the Student union to the Von’Odan.

    Not like I even know what I’m going to do if I catch up to her…

    A door closed.

    The sound came from Derek’s right, down the stairwell leading outside. He flew down the steps nearly knocking over a smaller student on his way up.

    He immediately recognized Alex’s orientation supervisor, George Sangurrini. George stood at a solid five feet tall, an easy thing to remember but using it as a marker filled Derek with guilt.

    “Hey, can I help you?”

    “Um hi, my name is Derek McVale,” Derek motioned quickly, “I was wondering if I could talk to Karissa Ray?”

    George made a face, “Sorry, she just left.”

    I could ask for Ms. Ray’s phone number, then call her impersonating Alex forgetting where his assigned room is.

    I nodded in understanding, “Do you have her phone number?”

    “Why do you need to talk with her?”

   “I forgot which room I’m in”

   He shook his head, “you’re on Jerry’s list, right? He’ll be able to remind you what your room number is.”

    I didn’t have to feign the nervous edge to my words, “I couldn’t find him, I thought talking to Mrs. Ray would be easier.”

    George directed a hand above them, at the stairwell, “I know where he is, come on.”

    I found myself chewing on the inside of my cheek, mindlessly attempting to quell my frustration. It was until we stepped out of the stairwell that I made the conscious effort to stop before my cheek bled. George led me to the top floor of the Student Union, only one floor above the ballroom. 

The End

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