CHAPTER: 6 (PRT 8)Mature

    Derek mouthed down the remaining fish by the time she finished and joined Alex as his friend began working his way through the various assortments of steak, “So what’d you think of orientation?”

   Alex slapped a slab of meat onto his plate, “Pretty awesome so far, met a crazy ton of people, but you already know that.”

    “Did you get a cool room? Mines on the top floor,” Derek boasted jokingly.

    “Alex eyed a passing group of girls hungrily, “That’s… cool buddy.”

    “How’s your room?”


    “Your room? How is it?”

    “You know, I actually can’t remember much about it, it’s alright I guess.”

    Derek felt a touch of anxiety, “Well, at least you know what floor it’s on, right?”

    Alex hesitated then began shaking his head, “I’ll just ask an orientation supervisor when we get back to Weset Hall.”

    Derek felt his chest tighten, I need surveillance in that room.

    His thoughts instantly jumped to Karissa Ray and her clipboard.

    “Yeah well, I’m hitting the sack early.” Derek mumbled.

    “What do you mean? You’re leaving?!” Alex asked, shocked.

    Derek managed his best ‘meh’ shrug, “What can I say, I’m tired.”

    Alex stopped what he was doing and turned to him “Did you at least see the root beer float fountain?!”

    Derek watched Karissa Ray as she began walking toward the ballroom doors, “I can’t stay…”

    “Oh I see,” Derek turned to see Alex looking at the ballroom entrance too, smiling, “worried that girl will be on the hunt for seconds, huh?”

    Thankfully, Derek couldn’t see the girl from earlier anywhere. Her group probably didn’t arrive yet. Wherever she was he didn’t plan on sticking around anyway.

    Derek pursed his lips, “goodnight Alex.”

    Alex laughed, waving Derek off as he departed for the doors, “You can’t run from them every time, Derek!”

The End

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