CHAPTER: 6 (PRT 7)Mature

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    Derek moved through the next few hours without encountering much issue, orientation winded down until all that was left was a freshman party at the Student Union. Everyone was packed inside a ballroom on the third floor, embroidered with tables along its walls. The tables, clothed patriotically in the school themed color of maroon, were lined thickly in cream-white lace.

    Every table was laden with an extreme variety of food ­in every direction. A seafood corner, decorated with finely cut salmon, so thin, they had been folded into intricate shapes like small pink napkins. The centerpiece of the seafood corner was a large oval plate carrying a swordfish. The biggest fish Derek had ever seen. Both ends were left intact as if just taken out of the water, however as one progressed toward its center, the fish was cleaned, cooked, and converted into fist sized bites. Some pieces were inch-sized cubes, two at a time, wrapped in pancetta, threaded on wooden skewers and grilled until the pancetta was crisp. There were swordfish fillets each topped with a spoon of white bean relish followed by potato skordalia.  All together, the pieces were arranged in place of the fish’s body, bridging the connection between its untouched tail and head.

    And that was only the first table …

    Derek couldn’t help but feel extremely under-dressed in the presence of the meal. He grabbed a few morsels of fish, picked up his plate and sat at an empty table facing the entrance. The crowd rustled noisily around him as he reviewed what remained of his day. There was only one thing left, to bug Alex’s room.

    I need the room number first…

    Derek let out a breath when he saw Alex enter with his group. He quietly tugged the earbud out and stuffed it into his pocket. He gave a wave when Alex spotted him and began moving to his table.

    No better source then the horse’s mouth.

    Karissa Ray, had a microphone in her hand, “We hope you all had some memorable experiences today! The freshman orientation party will conclude at midnight, at which time, we would like you all to proceed to your respective rooms and retire for the day. Enjoy the rest of tonight!”

The End

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