CHAPTER: 6 (PRT 5)Mature

   The environment rushed at her, a dull ache from the tree branch against her backside, the yammering of freshman down the path below her. There were piles of branches from the trees surrounding her in a rugged nest. Apparently it didn’t hide her as well as she thought.

    “I'm relaxing,” she growled. 

    “Huh, still doesn’t seem well thought out. Why don’t you come down to my level, here?”

    She craned her neck down, peering at him.


    His eyes spoke the color the way a merchant would, proudly and blatant, But seemingly masking an ulterior awareness. She let her gaze linger, “I… disagree.” She declared with finality, shrugging a shoulder in the way that would make a cat jealous.


    “You said this wasn't thought out.”

    He didn’t expect this, “Well maybe because it’s dangerous up there?” he slipped a smile, thinking it was obvious. The blue, searching her for a response.

    She felt lost in them, like falling with no clue where the ground is.

    She didn’t like that.

    “You’d rather I conform to your opinion, instead of having the choice I want?”

    The smile slipped off his face, "Wow, this isn’t a big deal, you’re clearly a fan of poor decisions.”

    “And you’re the authority on decisions now?”

    Exasperated the boy flared his palms out at her, pushing himself away from the dispute, “You know what – forget it.”

    Tori watched as he was about to turn when a second boy appeared beside him, looking relieved. Nothing extraordinary, Tori mused to herself how the boy seemed to embody the definition of average. Unremarkable height, unkempt brown hair, Caucasian, possibly green eyes. His clothes were all slightly baggy, giving him the silhouette of a plank. 

    “Derek?” The blue-eyed boy furrowed his brow.

    “Alex! Just on my way to the bathroom…” The Derek boy seemed to be anxious. He made frequent checks around them. Probably some stoner, Tori proposed. “How’re you coming along on the scavenger hunt?”

The End

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