CHAPTER: 6 (PRT 3)Mature

◊ ◊ ◊

     The quad stretched a width matching the likes of a width in a football field. Along the curves of the spine of campus was a spine of its own, the quad park. Three/fourths of the width of the quad was a finely maintained strip of grass, deliberately littered with various species of tree, shrub, and fern. The center of the strip had yet another strip -this time of path- made by gray sand. Archaic lamps were spaced artfully along the gray path as well as either side of the entire quad itself.

    Derek and his crew were following Jerry along the gray, the result of an intuitive Samantha Watts, convinced that an item for the campus-wide scavenger hunt had to be somewhere along this boulevard. She wasn’t wrong, but at this point, Derek felt he’d stood out enough today. Thus, the prop remained unmentioned. He had a pair of eyes on him for the most part anyway.

    Derek’s eyes slipped to the side again.

    Sammy. She looked to be watching something past him, letting her gaze carry itself back ahead of her, studying the path ahead. She waited a moment then eyed him again.

    She started when seeing his stare hadn’t shifted.

    Derek rummaged through her reaction for anything. His ever overwhelming desire to avoid eye contact, crushed. Nothing held back, Derek was not about to oversee a potential hostile for the sake of comfort.

    She held his gaze for a moment, her lips curled into a smile. Derek reciprocated with one as well.

    He couldn’t help thinking the girl was smiling for a reason he wasn’t going to like.

    “-ey! What are you doing?!”

    The headphone perked up his ear, Derek was somewhere else now.

    Jerry jumped when Derek grabbed his shoulder, “Derek? What’s u-“


    Jerry twisted on his heels pointing back the way they came, “On the left, down a bit you’ll find the dining hall, Von’Odan. Enter and to the right is th-“

    “Got it thanks!”

The End

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