CHAPTER: 6 (PRT 2)Mature

◊ ◊ ◊

    “I’m Samantha Watts but you can call me Sammy!”

    Sammy beamed at the rest of the group, now sitting in a circle under a tree beside the Student Union.

    Derek was next in the circle.

    “I’m an upbeat girl from the southern part of Arkansas, got 6 other siblings so it’s a blessin’ to get away finally!”

    Someone laughed.

    “I like music and dance, although I’m very particular about my music becau-

    “-lex, and I’m from the town of Barkley. At the moment I just want to see what law has to offer. I like the idea of challenging myself, testing my limits, so we’ll see what happens. In high school I played soc-”

    “-to study pre-law, I would like to be a child advocate lawyer!”

    Derek took a breath, “Hi, my name is Derek McVale. I went to school in Barkley, Massachusetts and I-“

    “Hey! Isn’t that where the shooting took place?!”

    Everyone turned to the person next to Jerry, the guy had hair that looked like it swam through an ocean of gel. Sun-beaten skin, and the most obnoxious pair of sunglasses Derek had seen, aside from Alex’s.

    He continued, “Yea- I read about it in the paper! Weren’t you the kid taken hostage?!”

    All heads turned to him.

    Derek found his eyes linking with Jerry’s.

   Jerry spoke up, “all right, we’re here to talk about ourselves,” he nudged the kid beside him jokingly, “to the extent that we want to.”

   Everyone quieted down, but Derek felt fresh eyes studying him.

   “Do you have any idea what you want to study?” Jerry offered.

   Derek glanced around, “law sounds exciting, I want to look into that for now.”

   No one moved.

   Derek smiled awkwardly, “that’s all I got, haha.”

   Jerry turned his head to the next person, “Okay then, what about you?”

   Derek exhaled, deflating as the subject slipped away from him. His heart was stammering like a frail little thing. He allowed a sample of curses to splatter through his thoughts. Public speaking… oh, and it HAD to be pre-law, Alex. No not a quiet focus, nahh.

    Derek nodded to whatever the next speaker was saying, stirring around the satirical notion that he may be on the wrong side of his contract.


The End

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