CHAPTER: 5 (PRT 15)Mature

   Alex winked back and strode through the mass of people.

   I’ll keep my ears on him, there’s no need to worry.

   “..and finally, under supervisor Jerry Pentory: Aron Barnes, Derek McVale-”

   Ignoring the varied gasps at Jerry who strode out of the crowd, Derek shouldered his duffle bag and followed to the right, alongside him.

   “New guy! Welcome to the team!”

   Derek grinned back, “What a coincidence.”

   “I pulled some strings,” Jerry confessed, “Exciting things seem to happen when you’re around.”

   Derek shrugged, “Don’t be disappointed if I can’t measure up to the standard.” He ran his eyes through the group building up around them, “Really one for dealing out surprises, huh?”

   Jerry shook his head intently, “Awe, Derek. That’s where the magic is.”

   He slapped his hands together, “Alright team! Let’s get settled in.”

   He waved his hand at the building they streamed toward, “Weset Hall, folks! You’ll will be making a permanent residence here for the year, but for now, we’ll be temporarily bunking in the west wing of the top floor. Good views all around!”

   Jerry walked from door to door, assigning pairs to each room. Derek found himself standing in the hall alone. Jerry sent a resounding smack against the last door, “here we are, new guy.”

The End

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