CHAPTER: 5 (PRT 14)Mature

   To the left, Derek could make out a golf course. Frozen waves of green, the wide hills were seasoning on the entrée that was the entire course. And past the course, he could see a whisper of the islands edge. 

   Dorm buildings passed them on the left now, blocking view of the golf course. The bus took a left into a loop in front of the first one.  Derek folded away his earbuds. Jerry had been listening to his own music from what Derek could tell and the director was silent too, so listening in was unnecessary.

   They pooled out in front of the tall building. There were four people who were crowded amongst themselves at the doors. They walked over to the crowd and spread out in front of everyone. Karrisa Ray walked between the four people and the crowd of freshmen, raising her hand.

   “Welcome to Freshmen Orientation of 2015! Before we get started, we’d like to have you all get settled into your temporary rooms for the night. First off, let’s split into groups…”

   Here we go.

   Karissa sang out a list of names, pausing only to jump between orientation supervisors, “With Geroge Sangurrini: Jason Klemmons, Rebecca Surro, Tori Haines, Alex Thagret…”

   Derek knew his name was under Jerry’s list.

   Should have seen this coming.

   He cursed. Swiftly he peeled out another bug from his thigh belt and slapped Alex on the back with it, “Good luck.”

The End

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