CHAPTER: 5 (PRT 13)Mature

   Derek strained his ears.

   “Barkley incident?” Jerry asked.

   “Don’t keep up with the news, Jerry? There was a hostage situation. The senior class of Barkley Academy had been attacked during their prom at the town country club. There were two gunman who escaped taking a student named Derek McVale with them. He apparently volunteered himself! He popped up at the hospital with a broken arm an hour later. The police couldn’t find the gunman.”

   Derek could practically hear Jerry’s mind clicking the pieces together.

   You saw my cast too. Derek thought.

   “No kidding.” Jerry responded finally, purring to himself “New guy, you sure are interesting.”

   Gee thanks.

◊ ◊ ◊

   The buses rolled through the front of RIC. They passed under the tallest arch Derek had ever seen. Sunset red, it seemed to be made by carving it from an equally enormous boulder. It looked to have texture as smooth as the words that Alex could weave from his mouth. From either side of the arch were high walls stacked by wide stone slates of the same color. 

The End

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