CHAPTER: 5 (PRT 12)Mature

   Maybe he’d thought it was just normal for Derek to shake hands with his forefinger extended. Not that he was sticking something on the cuff of his shirt with that finger.

   Jerry’s enthusiastic voice slipped into Derek’s ears, “..orientation list, please?”

   The supervisor stepped onto the bus followed by Jerry. Her lips pursed. Derek strained his ears but Jerry had his hands in his pockets. She passed the clipboard over to him. Jerry took it in his hands and sat down beside her at the front of the bus, “New guy, new guy, new guy…” he murmured.

   Looking for me.

   “Found you. Who’s in charge of this group, Boss?”

   Derek could hardly hear her high-toned voice, layered under the noise of the inflowing students, “Tim Follens, why?” He could barely make out the sound of her fabric shifting as she seemed to lean closer.

   “Same reason as always, this group has most of the people I’ve 'made nice' with.”

   “You’re never going to find this boring, are you?”

   “Of course not! Their surprise is fresh every time.”

   “Oh!” He heard the director exclaim, “Isn’t that the person from the Barkley incident from a week ago?”

The End

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