CHAPTER: 5 (PRT 11)Mature

   They melted into the constantly expanding crowd that built up outside the ferry. An Asian women stood before all of them with three buses behind her. She wore a slim maroon suit and had her black hair in a tight bun.

   She was studying a clipboard clenched in her hand when she gazed up at them and smiled, “Goodmorning, class of 2019! I’m Karissa Ray, Director of student activities at RIC.”

   She gestured with the clipboard in her hand, “If you can all pass your bags to the drivers and get on the buses, we’ll be arriving at RIC with a half hour. Thank you!”

   Alex –with Derek tagging along closely– plowed through the crowd and got on the first bus where the director was.

   He gladly let Alex lead them to the back of the bus. It was comforting, He let out a breath he had held in since he got on the ferry.

   No one to get behind me now.

   Setting his gaze on everyone that stepped on the bus after them, Derek plugged in a pair of ear buds.

   Of course, they weren’t playing any music. Derek thumbed on the device. A crackling sound peppered through the headphones as it made a connection to the bug.

   Derek patted himself on the back for how well he had planted it. It was a translucent sticker the size of his thumbnail.

   Jerry wouldn’t notice.

The End

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