CHAPTER: 5 (PRT 9)Mature

   “Don’t tell anyone ok?”

   Derek blinked back at him, “Huh?”

   “I’m one of the orientation supervisors!” he whispered excitedly cocking his head to the side, “I don’t like waiting with the others for the students to arrive.” Jerry gestured at Derek’s expression, “and then there’s that look of surprise too!”

   He studied Derek in a new light, “You’re smart! Kind of odd, but smart stuff, new guy.”

   Derek relaxed slightly, pulling his right hand away from the dagger and let it hang by his side.

   Jerry followed the motion, eye’s locked on his arm, “Never seen a cast like that before.”

   Derek lifted his arm up to show more of it, “pretty cool, isn’t it?”

   Jerry shook his head in wonder, “This place attracts rich kids, cool stuff tends to pop up often.”

   “I see, so what time do you think we’ll end up docking?”

   Jerry tugged back the cuff of his shirt, “About 5-10ish minuets.”

   “Really?!” Derek found himself looking past Jerry. 

The End

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