Déjà vu.

   Derek was in bed again, an enormous ice pack numbing his irritated shoulder. His ultra sound cast humming pleasantly.

   The room was elegant this time. Spacious. The ceiling was an upward curving dome that connected to the floor by a spherical wall. Half the wall was a continuous window designed with an electronically adjustable tint.

   He knew it was well passed dawn, but Derek kept the window black and the lights off. It helped in convincing himself he was at the hospital.

   “Master McVale?”

   Derek jumped a bit, “Yes?”

   “Master Thagret insists you attend breakfast while it’s still out.”

   Master Thagret? Kaine or Alex?

   Derek was staying at their residence. It was the last thing he wanted but he’d been in too much pain to protest Alex’s intent. By the time he was able enough to leave, Alex had already sent Ben, the butler to his apartment and picked out a handful of clothes.

   “Orientation is two days from now,” He had countered to Derek’s objection, “We’ll be meeting up at the ferry together anyway.”

   And orientation was today.

   Luckily, Kaine had been absent so far during Derek’s stay.

   Every job had been clean and simple. No meetings. Tansen explains the job, who wants it done and how much they’re paying. Derek gets it done, money is wired to his account. Simple.

   Tansen seemed more unreachable. He’d messaged Derek that the client wants to meet personally. Whether Derek had always been uncomfortable with these social dealings, or he’d just gotten used to Tansen handling them, Derek had been glad to get Kaine out of the way and focus on the job.

The End

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