Derek leaned back, shooting up his right knee while dragging down Rex’s head with his left hand. A second stood between Rex’s face and the knee that was about to be friends with it.

   “A stupid emotion for stupid people.”

   Derek felt a foot smack soundly against his own standing one.


   The sand shifted under him, throwing him off balance. Rex heaved with his trapped arm.

   "A useful emotion for smart people.”

   Derek fell on his left, damp sand miserably soaking his shirt.

   “Anger can focus a mind that’s used to analytical fighting.”

   Before he had a chance, Rex kicked a pound of sand into Derek’s face.

   “and telling the stupid from the smart–”

   Impulsively, Derek rolled in the sand, away from where he remembered Rex was. He winced as his cast squeezed between him and the sand through the roll. There was another resounding thud beside his head. The music trembling, his heart hammering.

   “is what the smart would do.”

   Something stopped Derek’s blind escape. A pillar.

   Desperate and sightless Derek raised his left arm, in an attempt to bloc-

   An iron foot pummeled his side. Derek coughed out sand, lungs wheezing painfully.

   The bat cracked down on him.

   Derek howled but the music muted him. Rex hit him again.

   Derek cracked a red bloodshot eye. Rex was a blur the bat angled above him in both hands.

   The music stopped.

   A flash.

   Rex gasped as he was kicked aside. Derek sat up blinking, his ears ringing with the sudden absence of the oppressive sounds.

   Alex was studying Rex for a moment, then wasting no time, he picked up the bat that Rex dropped and was walking over to him.  

   Rex was getting up but Alex rested the bat slowly on the top of his head. Rex spat, “F#(k off, Thagr– ”

   Alex smashed the head of the bat against Rex’s head, “Oh no, I want an apology.”

   In a loud crack, he swung the bat against Rex’s leg. “Trespassing on private property.”

   He swung again, “Assault and battery, and with a deadly weapon too!”

   The bat smacked home a third time, “TOUCHDOWN!”

   Did he… just make a football reference??

   Derek could barely care for the thought anyway. Rex was shuddering heap of injuries. At least, from what Derek could see thanks to the blades of light stabbing down from between the floorboards above them. Alex came over and knelt by him, holding the bat with the cuffs of his own sleeves.

   He aimed the handle at Derek, “Take it.”

   My prints on it make Rex's injuries classify as self defense on my part. 

   Derek didn’t, “You went overboard, Alex.”

   Alex poked his shoulder, causing Derek to wince, “There’s stopping what happened, and there’s making sure it only has to be stopped once. Which is better?”

   Derek glared silently at the bat. He coughed dryly and grasped the handle with his good arm, “Just get it over with.”

   Alex rose and turned to Rex, who at this point was propping himself up on an elbow eyeing them furiously, Rex stared at him taciturnly, “Get off my property.”

   Rex began pulling himself to his feet with a nearby pillar as a crutch, “You crazy bastard, I’ll sue y–”

   Alex strode over and kicked him in the gut, causing Rex to sag back against the pillar support, “Pathetic. You come here intending to beat someone with a bat? And now, when it turns sour, you’re going to threaten taking this to court?! An idiot would realize how stupid that sounds.”

   Alex turned and helped Derek up, not looking back to Rex as they shuffled to the light and crowd of people getting in their cars, “Get out of my f@#%ing sight.”

The End

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