He collapsed completely into the soft sand, gazing at the night, “Maybe people are content with living in shoes that have been worn by everyone else.”

   “I don’t follow.”

   “Alright dude, say that you go on an’ spend the next four years in school. Get a boring job, have a family and raise some kids. Die. Did you ever wonder how many people wasted their life like that cuz they grew up being told it’s responsible and mature an’ all these positive things?”

   Derek frowned, “Didn’t know you thought like that.”

   Justin smiled, hair completely covering his eyes, “Neither did I.”

   “What’s wrong with making bigger plans though? Make the most of it?”

   “Why would I? Having big ideas is a waste of time for something that you’re not even guaranteed. Even someone who just got certified to go to space can die a second later falling down some stairs. What’d they do with they’re time? Work. It’s pointless bro.” 

   Derek was staring at who was supposed to be the quietest kid in his class, when his phone sung a tone.

   He read the message,

      ALEX: where r u? red hummer parked outside gate - find Clair now

   Extremities tingled sharply.

   Derek was on his feet, “Gotta go, see you later.”

   He didn’t wait for Justin’s response, I need to find her now!

   There’s only one person who drove a car that obnoxious. He was defiantly not invited.

   He was pounding across the sand, the beach house coming up fast.

   Not as fast as his mind however. Walkways are closest but zigzag-too much time. I’ll cut under it, between the stilts, to the staircase on the other side. 

   He flew under the party, sand wet with spilt beer that had dripped through the boards.

   He was halfway under when someone stepped out from behind a support column.

   Derek broke to a stop, about to shout something over the music but she took grip of his shirt and pushed him back against one of the stilts.

   Hot lips pressed against his. Derek barely managed a gasp as Clair surged herself up against him.

   He could taste the vodka.

   A fire was blazing in him. Roaring. Demanding more.

   Derek wouldn’t have it. He was about to push Clair back,

   when something tore her off him.

    It was Rex.

The End

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