Alex grinned, “Of course I’m right! Now let’s enjoy the real festivities!! To the bar!”

   Derek shook his head, “Don’t think so, Alex.”

   “What?! I didn’t mean to be a buzzkill, the nights still young anyway, lets go!"

   “I can’t drink dude.”

   Alex gave him a ‘you’re kidding’ look, “Nonsense! It’s open bar!”

   Derek was shaking his head, right arm raised, “Sorry, medical stuff.”

   Alex scowled, walking to the door, “Fine, I’ll drink for the two of us!”

   Derek couldn’t resist a smile.

               ◊ ◊ ◊

   Waves. They licked at the sand in soft rhythm. The traces of uproar emanating from the beach house floated from an endurable distance away. Derek managed to glimpse a lone figure ahead of him. Small rings of smoke puffed into extinction above him.

   Justin Fristella.

   “Hey, Justin.”

   He jumped, looking over to Derek who joined him, sitting by the water’s edge, “Whoa man! No need to sneak up on a bro like that.”


   Justin eyed him nervously, then raised the pipe he cradled in his hand, “Following through on my offer?”

   Derek shook his head, “Just looking for a quiet place.”

   He found himself gazing at the fracturing line of white that the black ocean seemed to rip away from the pale moon above it. Mesmerizing beauty.

   Justin gave one of his famous nods, “Good, this stuff’s expensive.”

   They sat in silence

   Derek watched Justin blow smoke rings into the air. Why do I feel sad? Like I’m going to miss school or something…

   He looked at Justin, “So what’s your plan after we graduate?”

   Justin raised the pipe like it’s obvious.

   “Besides that?”

   Justin wheezed out a long sigh, pursing his lips, “Everyone’s favorite question." 

The End

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