People parted way until they got to the bar itself. Alex lifted the counter and motioned for Derek to follow into the beach house. The only part of it that was unlocked was a small hallway cutting across the building leading to the bathrooms.

   Alex tugged a necklace out from under his shirt, a keycard on the end of it. They both passed the bathroom doors and stopped at a door on the other side of the hallway. He swiped the knob and they stepped in.

   The door clicked shut, and so did the noise.

   It was unnerving. To Derek, it felt the same as what he guessed it would be like in a coffin.

   “Father uses this room, to meditate he says.” Alex shrugged.

   Derek leaned against the wall, “is that what we’re doing? C’mon man, I thought the festivities were outside.”

   Alex smirked, “You don’t dance, Derek.”

   “I do! I’m an excellent dancer. We took dance for Gym class!!”

   “Yeah! After I convinced you to join me for the babes!”

   Derek laughed, “Seriously though, what’s up?”

   Alex took a breath, “You don’t feel anything wrong at all? This whole thing with Clair, I mean?”

   Derek rubbed the heel of his palm against his face, “Geeze man, I guess I do. But we both know this is a rare thing, right?”

   “I just hope you put some thought into this.”

   Except Derek didn’t want to. He held uneasy thoughts about it from the moment she entered his room in the hospital. Clair had made it way too easy, like it wasn’t real.


   Derek sighed, “You’re right.”

The End

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