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   Derek was wrong.

   I mean, I was close. He watched as they passed the sandstone mansion. The windows were shrouded in shadow. Derek felt a tickle on the back of his neck.

   Kaine. Guaranteed, the figurehead was observing from one of those tall paned windows, just out of Derek’s limited vision.

   He played with the cast absentmindedly, hey boss.

   The car finally stopped several miles passed the main estate. They’d taken a thinly paved road that angled them down the massive cliff. It then brought them closer to the beachside.

   Music. It sneaked up on him like alcohol on an idiot. His chest began to shake with every percussion despite the distance. Alex was watching him, amused.

   “And here I thought you were paying attention, when we went over the whole ‘we need our ears thing’”

   Alex snorted. “Don’t be such a girl.”

   Grace scoffed and playfully smacked his shoulder. Clair just smiled, looking out her own window. The car finally turned to the right, away from the beach.

   The parking lot was a football field of asphalt. And every available space, was unavailable.

   Derek felt his gut tighten, “The whole class? Seriously?”

   Alex rolled them gently into a spot on the grass, “We didn’t end up with a prom worth remembering” he commented, “I got some of the staff here to throw a little something together.”

   Derek popped open the door, unfolding himself from the car.

   A little something? Amazed he followed the others.

   It was a cool night with low tide. The beach house was set on tall stilts and centered in the heart of the beach. The balcony that hugged its outer wall was connected to creamy peach staircases and raised walkways.

   As they neared it, Derek noticed a driftwood and sailboat themed bar made up most of the balcony and it too bordered the entire outer edge of the raised establishment. Fishing nets hung from the overhangs and retro styled anchors were tied along the bar itself. More than half of the nets had small light bulbs weaved in, painting the entire scene in a warm glow.

   And of course, the bar was packed. 

The End

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