Alex’s smile vanished, “What’s your problem, Der-“

   “Where? Where were you?” He balled his fists, “people who NEVER liked me showed up hours after we ended up at the Hospital. You just left? You woke up AND LEFT!?”

   Derek saw the ice now. Kaine and Alex were practically the same person as his friend stabbed a finger at him, “What?! Are we just going to ignore the fact that YOU were the one who volunteered! You had thrown yourself away! Into a scenario that had the smallest chance of survival? How did you get back anyway? How come I haven’t heard the story by now!?”

   Sure knows where to hit.

   Alex was the first to ask actually. Most of the students merely hinted toward an explanation, too busy focused on having a regular conversation. Fitting in. Reporters were a different story. Except to Derek’s relief none showed up. Courtesy of Alex’s dad probably.

   Alex glared at Derek who wouldn’t meet his gaze, “At least if I went, my father would be able to pay off any ransom demands and the problem solves itself! I WAS THE LOGICAL CHOICE!”

   Derek felt his teeth clench together.

   There were things. Things they both knew Alex wasn’t proud of. But Derek didn’t care at this point.

   He wanted to hit where it hurts, “Hiding behind DADDY’S money?!! Oh, throw money at the problem? NEXT TIME I’LL MAKE SURE THE GUN IS POINTED AT YOU! I PROMISE!”

   Alex stared at him, his brow furrowed in anger, “You’d stoop so low, huh?” He took a breath and the corner of his mouth tugged up in a small smile, “You always wanted to be the hero.”

   Derek glowered back,“No, Alex. Let’s not kid ourselves as to who wanted to play hero.”


The End

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