Grace popped up beside him, beaming, “We hope you’re doing okay, Derek. Alex spent days pulling strings for this!”

   Clair pulled the only chair in the room beside his bed and sat in it eyeing him quietly.

   Derek paid her no heed, or tried to. Clair was wearing an emerald tank top, ending just above her bellybutton, an ocean blue jeans jacket, and white shorts. Well, she knows what she’s doing.

   He managed to keep his gaze fixed, regardless. Alex was never good at smiling when he didn’t want to.

   “That’s great, but why are you guys here so late? How’d you get in here?”

   Ignoring the inquiry, Alex opened the box and pulled out a cast.

   It was strange. Black plastic with large pores, like a sponge thrown under a microscope. There were two pieces of black cord connecting the cast to a small box, the size and shape of a CD player.

   Alex weighed it in his hands, impressed, as if he was admiring it for the first time too. He passed it to Derek, “My father's company had the schematics for this in their medical research branch. I had them make the cast using a 3D printer and data from the X-ray scan of your arm. It should be a perfect fit, and it’s denser in the area of your fracture for more support.” He motioned at the cords, “it incorporates ultra sound technology to speed the healing factor by 60%. At first it was only around 38% but after a couple of years-“

   Derek raised his hand, and twisted in his bed to the girls. “Could you two give me a moment?”

   Clair blinked quizzically. Grace took a moment as well, “Uh, sure.”

   Muddled, they left.

   Alex raised an eyebrow, a tight lipped smile stretched on his face, “Something wrong?”

   Derek attempted to cross his arms, then thought better of it. He felt something build up in him, “Are you going to be an advertisement or a friend right now. Because if you feeling like throwing one of your dads gadgets at me, you could leave. Now.”

The End

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