Derek snapped his eyes open.

   It was Justin Fristella, a tall lanky kid who tended to sit in the back of class. It was also guaranteed that he’d be seen sleeping in said class.

   “Heeyyy dude!!”

   Derek slapped on the smile again. It was a little easier this time with Justin. Derek saw the some of his own characteristics in the kid.

   Well, except Derek wasn’t a stoner.

   “Yooo dude, it took me forever to find this room man!”

   Derek leaned forward, “Well thanks for the visit, Justin.”

   He was gazing at Derek. Through him actually.

   Derek waited.

   Justin seemed to wake up a bit, “Oh well anyway, you were a real bro, takin one for the team like that.” he scratched the back of his neck. That monotone. He always spoke with a sleepy voice that could lull a person to sleep while sky diving.

   Derek shrugged, “It’s whatever, I didn’t even know what I was doing anyway.”

   Nodding, Justin’s dirty blond hair fell over his forehead, partly obscuring his eyes. He kept nodding, his eyes seemed glazed over.


   Derek raised an eyebrow, “You okay, Justin?”

   His eyes swept to Derek, slowly. “Oh hey dude! Uh, yea I wanted to let you know you were a real bro, takin one for the team like that.”

   “Thanks Justin, see you around.”

   He shuffled to the door then paused, “uhhh, you ever wanna smoke dude, hit me up an let me know.”

   Derek, strangely appreciating the thought, waved hesitantly, “Thanks?”

   Justin stuttered out, nodding absentmindedly.

   This better be my last “finally”.

   Derek was getting sick at this point. He didn’t want to deal with anyone for a decent century.

The End

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