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   Rachel turned off the highway where she saw skid marks leading from asphalt into the grass and trees.

   An uneasy feeling.

   Thagret’s son took enough out of her to coax into the ambulance, but from there it was easy to get him to take the sedative, explaining it was to combat shock in trauma situations.

   Now this business with Miles and Chace getting into an accident? Why can’t these things run smoothly? Hope that kid with them isn’t dead. Would throw a whole other problem into this that we don’t need.

   Their car looked totaled, as much as she could tell through the branches and darkness. Miles had sent the message with Chace’s phone. Odd, did he lose his in the accident? Where is he?

   She flicked the high beams on momentarily, hoping she wouldn’t be seen from the road. There were two figures in the backseat from what she could see. Chace and the boy. She shifted the ambulance into park and turned the engine off.

   She found herself stuck on the edge of her seat, hesitant to leave the safety of the ambulance and its locked doors.

   Dread. It built up in her gut as much as she attempted to dismiss it as her imagination running amuck. Sucking in a breath, she tugged at the door handle, pushing it open.

   A chill, the night air raised hairs from her arms to the back of her neck.

   Her nerves were tingling as she grabbed a flashlight and medic kit, climbed out, and shut the door.

   “Miles?!” She called hesitantly.

   She hadn’t realized until she was halfway to the crash site, she’d been chewing in her bottom lip.

   Now it hurt.

   She fixated back on the smoking car. There were defiantly two still figures in the back seat. 

The End

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