The phone? Derek went back to Chace and picked it out.

      RACHEL: Bringing boy to rendezvous pt, start packi…

   Derek cursed, glaring into the dim light of the locked phone. Where are they going?

   He made his way through the dark to a tree, its branches budding the first leaves of spring. Derek was nowhere close to a mode of transportation. The nearest parking lot was a 15 minute walk away. Long enough for them to disappear. With Alex.  

   He cursed again. They were after Alex the entire time… Had a guy even posed as an EMT for back up? What the hell can I do?! He stared at the phone dumbly.

   The answer was staring back.

   Holding his breath, Derek pressed and held down the Home button on Chace’s phone. It hummed on.

   “Text Rachel,” Derek muttered hopefully.

   The phone sung back a response, “Ok, what do you want to say to Rachel?”

   “Crashed, Chace not breathing. Route 6. 15 minutes passed Barkley Mall.”

   The phone relayed the message back to Derek. He pressed send. A few moments later it buzzed a response.

      RACHEL: On my way…

   Derek nodded weakly. He pushed himself up and away from the tree. Need a better spot. 

The End

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