Derek tore the hand brake up as high as he could, bracing with the driver’s seat. The brakes shrieked deafeningly as the car disappeared, the woods enveloping it ominously.

   Branches scraped and clawed at the car, limiting visibility. The car was slowing down, now at 45 mph.

   Derek lunged for the wheel,

   just as the car hit a tree.

   He was tossed into the dashboard like a ragdoll, his right forearm, bearing all his weight, connected with it at an impossible speed.

   It gave way with a sickening crunch.

   He blinked in shock breathing strenuously. The numbing tingle in his arm ceased suddenly.

   Derek screamed, he screamed like he was lit on fire, like he was being stabbed in the arm again and again. He screamed until his voice grew horse and torn.

   Then he screamed some more.

   He felt spasms rock his body as he began to move, his shaking legs bringing the rest of his body into the shotgun seat. He turned to the driver; unconscious, saved by the air bag. Derek managed to open the door with his left hand. It was still shackled to his broken arm so naturally, every twitch was felt like lightning. Derek unfolded himself from the smoking vehicle at a snail’s pace. Taking several breaths he rolled his upper torso forward and used the momentum to stand.

   Leathers or had fallen in behind the driver’s seat by pure luck before the crash. He was breathing too. Derek pried open the door, wincing, and went down on his knees. He rummaged through the clothes again, a lot more sloppy this time.

   Derek felt dizzy, where’s the key?

   After a minuet he found it sitting snuggly in the pant pocket. The cuffs fell into the grass as Derek stuck the colt in his pants. There was only one thing remaining.

   Derek finally glanced at his arm. Nothing, or maybe it was just too dark to notice anything. It still felt like it was dipped in lava. Nauseous, Derek pulled off his tie with his left hand. After spending way too long to tie it into a sling he gingerly placed his broken arm through it.

   Something vibrated from within the car.

The End

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