Silence. Derek kept his head down mostly. His face may be covered, but it wasn’t like he was wearing Leather’s jacket.

   The driver made a quick glance through the rearview mirror. Seeing what looked like an unconscious form behind him, he relaxed a bit.

   “I didn’t think they’d hire a security detail so soon, Chace.” He shook his head, “Just a kid too.”

   The driver flicked on his turning signal and moved into the passing lane. “Doesn’t matter. Rachel managed to get to the boy before the other EMT’s.”

   Derek's lungs filled with rocks. Alex?!

   The oblivious man drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, “How the Adrian ever managed to get his hands on an ambulance is beyond me. Anyway we have Thagret’s kid, we should be moving onto phase t-"

   Derek stuck the needle into the driver’s neck, “Don’t count me out so soon,” he whispered.

   The driver gasped and then fell forward into the wheel, unconscious. His foot slammed down,

   into the gas pedal.

   Derek gripped the driver’s headrest to avoid being thrown back with the sudden acceleration. Agitated he stole a glance at the speedometer: 8o mph.

   The transmission! Derek dove for the shifter with his shackled hands. He slammed it into neutral; the engine began roaring loudly as no more push was being given to the wheels. He then grabbed frantically at the handbrake, pulling it up slowly.

   The car was still going 60 when Derek glanced at the road.

   There was no road. The highway had curved to the left suddenly, leaving nothing but forest.

   “OH SHIT!”


The End

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