Orienting himself he sneaked glances at Leathers. As hard as the man tried, like Derek, he wasn’t buckled in. Between keeping his head below the window, keeping the colt on Derek, and trying to avoid being tossed around himself, the man was vulnerable.

   The driver had them flying down the streets; Derek managed to glimpse the road. It was about to curve sharply to the left. He waited a second. Leathers’ arm wavered, the colt pointed away from him.

   He moved.

   He released his hold on the belt and with every muscle he could muster, he threw himself at Leathers. The car turned left with the road, throwing Derek with more force than he could ever produce.

   Leathers had no warning. Derek had his knees hugged to his chest as they smacked against the man’s temple.

   Knocked out, the colt fell from Leathers’ hand. Derek was breathing heavy now. He pushed himself onto his back. Straining his arms he edged the cuffs under his back and around to his front. The car swung to the right now. Although still cuffed, Derek grabbed the door before he was thrown back. He twisted to see the driver was still busy.

   Derek pushed himself between the now unconscious Leathers and the door. He made quick work, ripping off the ski mask and forcing it onto his own head. He kicked Leathers legs and pushed him the remainder of the way to the other side of the car.

   As he was pushing, he felt Leathers’ coat vibrate. Derek slipped his hand into the pocket and pulled out a phone. It was locked but a preview of the message flashed on screen:

      ADRIAN: Sedate the kid now. We have th…


   Derek tossed aside the phone the rummaged through Leathers’ clothes the best he could. He felt the car slow to a more reasonable speed as it climbed up the on ramp and entered the highway. He found it. There was a syringe filled with clear liquid and a plastic cap on top of the needle. 

The End

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