“I’ll go.”

   Leathers grabbed Derek by his shirt and pulled him up to his feet. His partner held the gun at Derek and faced the crowd, “Be damn grateful for this kid. If any of you move until we’re gone," He prodded the barrel at him, “We’ll be taking a replacement.”

   Leathers ushered Derek to the window near the car. He stood behind him and tugged aside the curtain to reveal 6 squad cars and 10 ambulances behind them. Derek strained his eyes at the flashing lights. He managed to catch a glimpse of the police standing outside call out to each other and lower their weapons to the ground in response to his presence.

   Leathers snatched Derek’s arms and crossed them behind his back. Something cold clicked around his wrists. Cuffs?!

   Panicking now, Derek felt an unrelenting pull from the cuff of his shirt as Leathers opened the car door and pushed him -head first- into the back seat.

   Leathers slammed the door and made his way to the other side, getting into the seat beside him. He took a clip out of his pocket and slid it into the colt. His partner slid into the driver’s seat in front of Derek.

   A sour taste was in his mouth. Helpless; a feeling he’d made a promise never to feel again. The car rumbled to life but he could barely hear it compared to the thrashing percussion of his heart. The driver switched the car into reverse, looked to Leathers, “We ready?”

   Leathers grunted.

   The gas was slammed, Derek immediately propped a knee against the back of the driver’s seat to avoid colliding face first. There was shouting outside as the car reversed, hugging the outside of the Country Club. Derek wasn’t looking outside. He was busy. With as much strength as he can, he kept himself from thrashing around the car. His hands were able to snatch hold of the base of a seatbelt.

   This is my only window.

The End

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