CHAPTER: 2, (PRT 5) ALL INMature

   “That’s enough!” a man was standing beside the car. He had a mask on too, with an assault rifle that was aimed at the ceiling. He brought the barrel down and aimed it at Derek’s classmates, “Get off of him now, and maybe the ceiling will be the only thing I end up shooting tonight.”

   Alex placed the colt against Leathers’ head, “There’s no MAYBE about it!”

   Derek was still on top of Leathers, holding him down. His head was 2 inches away from Alex’s hand and the gun he held in it.

   It was shaking. Derek slowly placed his hand on Alex’s wrist. Alex barely noticed.

   “Give me the gun, Alex.” Derek whispered coolly.

   Alex’s eyes glanced to Derek then back at the second gunman. He took a breath and loosened his grip, passing the colt to Derek.

   The second man watched, he was not amused, his eyes were on Derek now, “It is time to progress. Toss. It. Now.” He spat each word out like they were gunshots themselves.

   Derek felt his blood thunder through him. The man with the rifle looked like he was about to say something else- now! In under a heartbeat, Derek ripped his arm up, bringing the gun to eye level. The sight down the barrel was poised perfectly at the center of the assailant’s chest.

   Derek squeezed the trigger.

   But nothing happened.


   The man aimed his rifle at Derek. He had ice in his eyes. “I will not give a third chance.”

   Derek stared at the floor as he placed the gun onto it and slid it across the dance floor. The entire room was hushed. The rifle moved to Alex, “Get off him.”

The End

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