CHAPTER: 2, (PRT 4) FAILURE...Mature

   Someone’s phone went off.

   Leathers spun around and was moving quickly to the source. There was a pile of everyone’s phones on the dance floor. He picked the flashing one up, and after looking at the number, swiped it open.


   Derek was staring at Alex’s table. It was still. Derek let out a long sigh, calming himself the best he can. The idiot was too far away from Leathers, he wasn’t going to make a move.

   The gunman was talking, police probably. Leathers was running his eyes over the group that Derek was sitting with and immediately froze.

   Derek felt ice instantly pack up into his spine.

   He swiped the phone- hanging up.

   “WHERE IS HE?!”

   Leathers brandished his weapon at the crowd.

   Several screams sounded.


   Leathers was now standing in between Derek and Alex’s hiding spot. He aimed the gun at Derek, his voice-sandpaper rough, “Do you know where he is?”

   Derek wrestled with the urge to lunge for the gun. The table cloth flickered behind the gunman. Alex climbed to his feet, hands raised.

   “I’m right here.”

   Everything happened in three seconds.

   Leathers eyes widened and he spun to his right, the gun was turned away from Derek.  Derek dove at Leathers. Gotta look clumsy. Derek tackled Leathers from behind before the gun could be aimed at Alex. Immediately, Derek swung his right knee into the back of Leather’s left one. They both crumpled to the ground.

   The gun was still clenched tightly in his fist,

   as Alex made a move for it.

   A single shot rang through the ballroom.

The End

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