CHAPTER: 2, (PRT 2) MR. HEROMature

   It was his gaze. Apathetic. He was watching the Leathers intently, probably the only person in the entire room who looked right at home… Something about that bothered Derek. It wasn’t right. He should be undergoing condition white like everyone else…

   Derek had done his homework years back. He had practically studied libraries full of emergency response protocol. A code silver, like this, throws the victims into undergoing several stages of psychological distress.

   Condition white. Serotonin and adrenaline levels influx. If used the right way, it can bring a quick transition into condition yellow. For the unprepared, condition white places people in a state of panic which would take longer to transition out of.

   Condition red was golden. Following yellow, it’s the optimal state to take action. Besides resulting in an increase of cognitive skills, it’s a relatively small window of time. The mind begins to fail following red.

   Condition gray then black. Loss of proper decision making, dizziness, feeling profound exhaustion, and eventually a catatonic state. Not pretty stuff.

   Alex turned his head to Derek, who just realized he’d been staring. He winked, giving Derek a weak smile. Derek edged over to him. “You alright?” Derek asked.

   “Just peachy.”

   “You sure look it.”

   Alex flicked his eyes over to the masked man, “What are we gonna do about chicken-shit over there?”


   “You see anyone else?”

   “Alex, we’re going to sit down and shut up.”

   Alex gave Derek an intense glare, “Look at you, you’re-“

   Derek immediately tuned him out, I don’t have time for this…

The End

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