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   Kaine paused again, as if expecting Derek to pitch in, but Derek remained silent. Surprisingly, Derek enjoyed seeing him off guard.

   “You and Alex are best friends; his safety must be more important to you than anyone else that I could go to…” Kaine’s voice trailed off. He looked as if he was trying to assure himself of that last statement.

   Derek decided to throw him a bone, “What do you suggest I do for your son’s security?”

   “You both graduate in a month. He chose to attend Red Isle College. Your job is to insure his safety. Enroll with him at RIC, share the same dormitory, and attend the same classes. Whatever sports, clubs, and activities he does, you be there.”

   “You trust me with your son?”

   Kaine stared directly into Derek’s eyes without blinking, “You are my best choice, you make one mistake and-"

   “Excuse my interruption, but to my knowledge, my mentor never failed your requests. I believe you will understand that he is the type of person that does not leave room for anything but success. He assures me that if I ever fail an assignment, he will dispose of me without a second thought. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your son would always remain under my surveillance if I accept your offer.”

   Mr. Hutch’s eyes narrowed, “Do you accept?”




The End

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