His phone vibrated.

   Derek immediately took it out to read the message. He made it so his phone received police codes. If dangerous and close it would send him a notification.

   A series of digits flashed on screen. His eyes translated, Robbery in progress, Barkley National Bank.

   That’s down the street from here!

   Suddenly two hands grasped his shoulders and shook him violently.

   Thinking it was Rex, Derek was winding back a punch, but then he saw Grace out of the corner of his eye.  He stood up, spinning around to see Alex hollering his face off.

   He raised both hands up innocently, although still laughing, “Sorry! Couldn’t resist!”

   Derek shook his head, not even caring. They had to leave, now.


   The entire ballroom quaked intensely as a car broke through the far wall near the foyer.


   Screaming. People ran frantically around. Clair was screeching so loudly, it was like the music wasn’t even playing and she was borrowing Derek’s ear to pour some verbal throw-up into it.

   One man climbed out of the car, he was wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun.

The End

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