CHAPTER: 1 (PRT 4) GIRLS, MAN...Mature

   She was beautiful. Cheerleading captain and Honor Roll achiever for every semester. Derek had better grades of course, but he was no cheerleading captain. Tends to negate the popularity points.

   Clair sat beside him in a dazzling blue dress. The blue was in a gradient, starting as azul at the bottom right near her ankles, and gradually adjusting to black at her top left shoulder, where a single strap lead behind her neck and halfway down her back trailing as a wider, more scarf like fabric. Her dirty blond hair had a single resilient lock of blue that was in the same gradient to match her dress and cascaded down to her shoulders along with the rest of her wavy hair.

   She was giggling at what Alex’s date, Grace had said.

   He was lost. Derek wasn’t paying attention, to busy wondering what the hell to talk about.

   Alex piped in, “So Clair! I’ve been trying to convince this kid,” he nodded at Derek, “to enroll with us at Red Isle College. But he can be stubborn as hell! Talk some sense into him for me,”

   Clair nodded smiling, “Sure thing,” and the turned to him.

   Her eyebrows are raised whenever she looks my way… Derek thought, smiling back in his best “I’m-not-awkward-at-all” face.

   “You need some convincing to go to an Ivy League school?” She had only one eyebrow raised now.

   Derek sent a prayer up to the Prom Gods, hoping the limo would arrive to the event soon and end this conversation. He finally managed to utter, “Convince me?”

   Phrasing it like a question? Idiot!

   But Clair just giggled a bit and started speaking. Words weren’t hitting home of course, but Derek nodded the best he could, cursing Alex for ever having talked him into going to the prom in the first place.

The End

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