“Man, raise the volume! Don’t be that way! You’re no fun.” Alex joked, playing with the lining of his beige tux.

   Derek mentally shook himself back into the limo.

   “You’re not letting those ears appreciate the quality of this ride!”

   “Yea? Well some people need their ears after tonight.” Derek commented, smirking.

   Alex grunted and waving the response away, moved over to the chauffeur window, “Clair Brenson’s house, please.”

   The driver nodded.

   Derek stared at Alex, “Clair Brenson?! She’s wasn’t part of our group. What gives?” More importantly, Derek thought, her boyfriend, Rex is an ass.

   “Well, she’s part of our group now,” Alex leaned back, kicking his shoes up on the low table that was built into the center of the seating arrangement, “B’cuz she be YOUR date.”

   Derek’s jaw could have probably smashed through the bottom of the limo, with how fast it dropped.

   “Clair Brenson?”

   “Clair Brenson.”

   “What happened to Brittney Broils?!”

   Alex snorted, “What? Besides the fact that her name is Brittney BRIOLS? She was a bitch to you in freshmen year, remember Principal Rolan’s cactus? His favorite cactus?”

   Derek’s brow furrowed, “YOU told me she was hitting on me!”

   “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings!”

   “I was suspended for 2 weeks!”

   “Which is why she’s a bitch for letting you take the hit like that!”

   Derek squinted his eyes shut, shaking his head, “At least tell me this, how did you get Clair Brenson to be my date tonight?”

   Alex snorted again, “She legitimately likes yo-“


   Alex rubbed his palms together anxiously “She broke up with Rex.”

   This time, Derek’s jaw could’ve broken through the limo AND the road beneath it, “They’ve been together for-“

   “4 years! I know.”

   “I’m NOT getting dragged into this.”

   Alex stopped smiling, “He’s not gonna be there, Derek. Now it’s just for one night man. I promised her she wouldn’t be going alone, and I wasn’t kidding about her little crush on you,” he winked, “You good?”

   Derek looked from a window, “I don’t see how I could back outta this now,” His heart pumping intensely, “We’re here.”


The End

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