Derek had been driving to Kaine’s estate, his window rolled down to catch the sea breeze as he neared the massive, sand-colored mansion. Before the driveway, a solid bronze-colored gate had blocked his path. An emblem, the same as the one on last night’s envelope was set proudly into the beautifully designed blockade. It had showed some kind of bird, he couldn’t tell what, holding a rose in one talon and a spear in the other.

   The intercom at the entrance crackled on, “Appointment?”

   Derek leaned out of his window slightly, “Yes, I’m the 10:30.”

   On the other end, the man’s voice had continued in a polite monotone, “Code please.”


   “You may park to the left of the complex just before the water fountain. Tea and other refreshments will be prepared upon your entrance.”

   The gate had swung inward as the intercom was switched off. Derek drove down what seemed to him like a ridiculously long driveway. Large red-leaved birch pelted the luscious grassy lawn that carpeted both sides of the asphalt road that he rolled down. 

   An older man who Derek had guessed was working the intercom opened the door at his knock. The neatly dressed butler stepped aside gesturing him into the foyer. The man closed the door behind Derek and with hands folded behind his back; he had silently flowed toward the marble staircase ahead of them. Derek awkwardly hesitated then chose to follow his presumed escort.

   After several minutes consisting of countless turns and white-walled hallways, Derek was ushered into a room with a pie slice shape, a wide curved window acting as the crust, and the sharp corner, as their entrance. A desk, wide enough and curved to match the window was placed further toward the back.

   A leather chair that looks like it can hold three people sat empty while a tall, lean looking man was standing to its side facing the view of a crystal blue ocean. Its icy blue waves crashed against the golden sandy shoreline in a rhythmic battle for territory that’s lasted longer than time.

   The butler had cracked the silence, “Your 10:30 is here, sir.”

   “Thank you, Ben.”

   The door shut behind Derek, leaving him alone with his host.

   Kaine turned when he heard the door close. His eyes had widened a bit once they rested upon Derek, as if he had expected someone taller. They had been that same deep blue. It echoed through Alex. Coldly.

The End

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