A new job

Once again out of work, You find yourself reading through newspapers and struggling to find a new job, when an ad for a new job testing out military equipment catches your eye. The best part is, the suit will do all the work f or you. You won't even need to take any breaks.

You look down at the paper and sigh. You just can't seem to hold a job. No matter what it is, you always end up getting fired. You continue to flip through the pages, hoping to find a simple, easy, well-paying job. You fold the paper up and put into the trash can, looking through the rest of your mail. "overdue, overdue, bills, overdue... then something catches your eye. "We want you..." you take it out of the mail pile and read the letter. It reads, "Matthew Kowalski, the United States government has handpicked you to test our top-secret military project. Bring your I.D and this document to your interview. You get in your car to apply for your new job, and drive to the address on the letter.

The End

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